Neighborhood Investigations

In-person neighborhood investigations, conducted undercover or direct, lend insight into an individual’s activities, physical capacity, location, background, employment status and lifestyle factors as related to the claim.

Witness Canvass

In-person visit to where the incident occurred and other appropriate locations with a focus on finding and identifying any and all possible witnesses. 24 hour availability for immediate response to truck, public conveyance and other major accidents and losses.

Background / Accident Investigations

Real, in-the-field investigation into a subject’s personal history, activities and or financial records to facilitate the claims evaluation and handling.  May include a wide variety of public and proprietary sources; in-person records searches such as at courthouses and other government offices, private and commercial sources and in-depth field investigation that provides information, documentation, detail, and actual evidence far beyond leads uncovered from routine database research.

Medical Clinic Inspections

In-person visit to clinic or other provider location to verify existence, check licenses and medical credentials; staff, and other capabilities. May also include interior inspection to confirm presence of specific diagnostic and treatment equipment and supplies.  These maybe combined with comprehensive surveillance and background investigations on clinic owners, patients, financial affiliates and principles to clarify the legitimacy of any facility and its operators.

Accident / Scene Investigations

Tailored to fit the claim, such investigations may include scene photos and diagrams, vehicle inspections, measurements, witness canvasses, interviews, crash scene and vehicle histories and document retrieval.

Locate Investigations

A combination of not only comprehensive database searches but true field investigation techniques are used to locate and identify witnesses, claimant, and insured parties.  We will locate virtually anyone for you, including subjects others have failed to find, persons with warrants and other difficult cases.