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Claims Verification’s Mission

Claims Verification is the most influential firm in creating the modern professional insurance investigation industry. CVI was established over forty years ago with the mission to fight insurance fraud by elevating the role of field investigations.

CVI became the undisputed industry leader by treating its investigators as the professionals they are and setting a new industry standard for education, skills and professional performance.

From its start, CVI attracted, developed and retained the most skilled and experienced professional field investigators in the industry. The company put its integrity, respecting and following the highest standards of the insurance industry for ethical practices, accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness, and in a manner that protects the interests of both our clients and the public at large.

Today CVI alumni and those trained or influenced by CVI can be found at nearly every vendor and SIU department across the industry. Today those same values and mission drive us every day as we strive ahead for the next forty years.

Our Services

CVI has been providing professional investigative services to the insurance industry for over thirty years. Our highly trained and dedicated investigators provide a wide variety of services ranging from surveillance to the most complex special investigations. We employ only full-time, licensed investigators and insured throughout our entire U.S. coverage area.


Our senior investigators use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to obtain compelling, clear, steady, high quality video evidence adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards. As all of our surveillance people are also fully trained “SIU” investigators, they can then also obtain critical supporting documentation to strengthen and support the impact and conclusiveness of the surveillance footage.


Using the latest online and field investigations techniques, CVI investigators will efficiently and effectively verify the claimants status, confirming the valid Social Security number, and searches of Social Security Administration Death Master File and nationwide obituary searches. Investigators will verify the claimant’s status in person and will obtain a Social Security number, current address and telephone number, medical treatment and benefit check status, activity level and disability status.


Tailored to fit the claim, such investigations may include witness canvasses and interviews, scene photos and diagrams, vehicle inspections and photos, locations of surveillance cameras, crash scene and vehicle histories and document retrieval.


Real, in-the-field investigation into a subject’s personal history, activities and or financial records to facilitate the claims evaluation and handling.  May include a wide variety of public and proprietary sources; in-person records searches such as at courthouses and other government offices, private and commercial sources and in-depth field investigation that provides information, documentation, detail, and actual evidence far beyond leads uncovered from routine database research.


Increasingly claimants live online, share and often over-share online. CVI internet investigators go beyond the top social media platforms and search engines to gather evidence and prepare field investigators to work more efficiently and effectively.


CVI employs the industry’s most experienced Arising Out of Employment (AOE) or Course of Employment (COE) Workers’ Compensation investigators. They interview claimants, witnesses and employers and search records and policy files and look at  all aspects of the claim to provide the most comprehensive information available.


We accept new case assignments by e-mail, telephone, fax, or using our exclusive CaseWatch system.

Call Toll Free: 888-CVI-2000  (888-284-2000)
Fax: 888-FAX-2CVI  (888-329-2284)


CVI University is a FREE comprehensive fraud education program taught by leading industry experts.

These seminars are conducted through video conference or at your offices to provide tools

that can be implemented immediately in the fight against fraud.

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A Challenging and Exciting Career with CVI

Our investigators are trained in a broad range of skills, from records and information retrieval to civil and criminal law to surveillance.   We encourage promotion from within.  Click over to our careers page for more information on working at CVI.