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2008 - Investigating Insurance Fraud with Integrity - CVI Is On the Case

Claims Verification, Inc. Sets Nationwide Standards 

(United States) – Founded in 1978, Claims Verification, Inc. (CVI) is one of the largest independent investigation firms in the country serving the insurance industry exclusively. Its founding principles of integrity, ethics and quality investigations set the standard others strive to achieve. 

CVI is the only company of its kind to employ solely full-time, insured, career-oriented investigators on staff and to invest heavily in their training, ensuring proficiency in a full range of investigative skills and techniques. The average investigator at CVI has been with the company for 15 years or longer and is constantly being trained and rated to ensure their skills are kept up to date. Many companies claim they have full-time employees in numerous states nationwide, but their investigators work on a contractual basis, often freelancing for several different companies and without any real dedication to the assignment. 

“The experience of our full-time investigators and the longevity of their careers with us really sets CVI apart in the industry,” said Anthony Zammuto, president and CEO who founded CVI 30 years ago. “We have a dedication to quality and will always stand behind our investigations.”

CVI has about 150 investigators nationwide, with a continued emphasis on quality assurance in all of our markets. The investigators— who all live where they work in order to retain the competitive edge of local knowledge— are all heavily screened and come from decorated backgrounds in law enforcement, the military and more. Because they are all solely employees of CVI, they are dedicated to upholding the honesty and integrity for which CVI has become known. 

CVI has become one of the country’s leading investigative companies because it has nothing to hide—nothing. How many companies provide clients with the cell phone numbers of the assigned investigators? Not many, if any at all. But at CVI, not only are clients provided with the name and phone number of an assigned investigator, clients are encouraged to have phone or in-person meetings to keep communication open about pending cases. And all of this counts where it really matters—in court.  

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2008 - What sets CVI apart from other Investigative Firms? 
  • Claims Verification Inc, (CVI) has been one of the leading private investigation firms, specializing exclusively in insurance claims investigations, nationally for 30 years.
  • All investigators are full-time staff members: There are no sub-contractors, which means that all investigators are exclusively licensed and insured through CVI - resulting in less risk and greater consistency for clients.
  • Clients are encouraged to speak directly with all investigators.  Names, locations and phone numbers of investigators are provided to clients.
  • Highly trained and experienced investigators, all of whom, regardless of experience, goes through rigorous training with an emphasis on ethics and problem avoidance.  Unlike the common practice elsewhere trains all its investigators both in surveillance and advance investigation techniques
  • Invests heavily in recruiting the finest multi-skilled, diverse, career-minded people capable of accomplishing all aspects of fraud investigation rather than those capable only of surveillance work, which is typical elsewhere.
  • CVI stresses the collection of supporting documentation to beat the “good day” defense.
  • Anthony Zammuto, President of CVI, literally wrote the book on Vendor Management and began training companies nationally on the concept over 20 years ago.
  • CVI has an unusually low employee turnover and an unmatched tenure of investigators.