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"Setting the Standard"

The most important thing to consider when choosing an investigative provider is the question: Who exactly will be conducting my investigation?  Unlike others, we supply you with educational and background details on all of our field staff ahead of time.

CVI only employs full-time professionals who are dedicated to exceeding clients’ expectations.  In fact, we have absolutely no part-time or contract staff. Our investigative team has a wide variety of experience in areas such as law enforcement, claims handling, litigation preparation, military investigations, and other relevant fields.  All are cross-trained in all phases of SIU investigations.  They are strategically located throughout the country and actually live where they work, providing a competitive advantage due to their familiarity with local laws, customs, contacts, resources and geography. 

In an industry that is elsewhere known for high turnover, our success at building a team of true career professionals is evidenced by the profile of our investigators.  Many have been with us for five, ten, fifteen, and even twenty years or more. We know of no other large agency with such longevity and a record of investigator experience or retention that compares.